Mary Jane O’Toole spent most of her life shopping inside the plus-size section at shops, feeling frustrated she couldn’t find the styles she loved in her size. And if she did, she stated she usually had to pay a better fee, which she called a “fats tax,” sincerely due to the fact she was shopping for a blouse in a bigger size.

“It becomes very confined when I changed into growing up and I turned into acutely aware about the reality matters which are larger fee way more money,” O’Toole instructed TODAY.


After her husband, Alex proposed in December 2016, O’Toole decided to start her weight-loss adventure.

“I had a pretty accurate idea I didn’t need to be massive as a bride. Growing up I informed myself, you’re no longer going to be a fats bride,” she stated. “But I don’t want to cast off from everyone’s experience being a plus-length bride. Every bride is beautiful.”

The couple, who stay in Orlando, Florida, downloaded the Lose It! App, wherein they meticulously tracked the whole thing they ate for a yr and recorded the pounds they were losing.

By the time she started out purchasing for a wedding dress, O’Toole said she changed into an “avenue size 12.” The average American woman is a length 16 to 18, according to a study posted within the International Journal of Fashion Design, Technology and Education.

However, the bridal shops she went to have been pulling attire in sizes 18 and 20 for her. She observed a get dressed she liked however it wasn’t to be had in her size.

She tried it on besides. “They had to placed extra cloth within the back, so I could get a higher sense of what it might seem like closed,” O’Toole stated. “I found the get dressed I cherished and that they stated if we must order it in my length, it might be $six hundred greater.”

While O’Toole was used to paying a “fat tax,” she determined this time would be unique. Despite having “that large bridal second” and falling in love with a dress, she dedicated to dropping weight and searching for another get dressed.

After one year of monitoring her eating regimen, O’Toole began working out four to five instances per week and became “stunned” to discover that she cherished the sensation of going to the gym.

By the time she walked down the aisle on November 19 closing yr, O’Toole had misplaced one hundred thirty-five pounds. She at the end located her dream get dressed, a beautiful, long-sleeved length-six robe that exposed her returned.

While she’s pleased with her weight reduction adventure, O’Toole said she wants to send a message to the style industry that taking note of plus-size girls is right for business.

“Big ladies want to look proper too and it would not help our self-worth to go into a shop and no longer locate our length,” she stated. “Women spend money. If the maximum of the female population is plus sized, wouldn’t you need to accommodate the individuals who want to buy your garb?”

“Make those accommodations and make humans happy in their clothes,” she stated. “And then the enterprise will be cyclical. They’ll preserve coming returned to buy more.”

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