Presenter Amy referred to as time on a career where she changed into a few of the most sought-after fashions round to follow her real ardor of organizing herself in sports activities media.

It has now not all been plain sailing, and in advance this week Amy found herself caught up inside the headlines as she was pictured among a set of ladies leaving the PFA awards with leader government Gordon Taylor to retain the night consuming some other place.

That highlighted the obstacles the energetic 31-yr-old has determined herself breaking down, inside the face of humans pronouncing she has no right to become a journalist after her exploits in the front of the cameras.

In 3 years, she has completed her journalism studies, qualified to end up a referee and is now broadening her knowledge also by reading the history of football.

And now she has set her sights set on trailblazing a route for girls to make an effect in the notoriously hard industry.

Amy said: “I don’t go into matters 1/2-hearted. If I purpose to do something, then I aim to smash my desires. I did that during modeling, now I need to do it in sports media.

“I need to be imparting a mainstream display, doing a radio show and having a weekly column. That’s the ultimate ambition and I ought to strive to get that.

“I understand and accept why human beings may additionally have distinctly looked at me due to what I did, and recognize I may also should paintings doubly tough to reveal a few that I do acknowledge my subject and can do the process.

“It shouldn’t be the sort of hindrance. I have lost out on a few jobs because people only make assumptions that because I did that, I am a chunk of an airhead, or don’t have the understanding.

“I’ve had to go out there and show myself extra than I always could have had to.

“It needs to be celebrated – that’s my particular promoting point. I already have a prepared-made following, who are mostly men who love soccer besides.”

In her ten-yr career as a version operating underneath the name Brandy Brewer, Amy changed into ordinary at the pages of magazines consisting of Nuts, Loaded and FHM – and she is pleased with her work.

But the game had been continuously her passion, and at the peak of her fame, she determined it become time to throw herself into chasing her dream.

In doing so, she has already gone to lengths to show herself successful and to silence the casual critics who expect she is only a pretty face.

Amy, who grew up in Falmouth, Cornwall, but now lives in London, delivered: “I have usually cherished my soccer and other sports activities, like cricket and horse racing.

“But I’m from a footballing historical past; the sport has continually been in my blood.

“I enrolled and have become a qualified referee with the FA, so now no-you could say I don’t recognize my stuff approximately the sport and the regulations.

“I in no way desired to be a ref; I just did it so I ought to see the sport from any other point of view.

“Seeing it as a soccer fan, every fan thinks they understand the entirety, this, that and the other. The factor is, in case you assume you realize it all, you recognize nothing.

“You in no way stop gaining knowledge of. I merely want to have as a whole lot of experience as I can so I can be the best sports activities broadcaster I can.

“I went out and did my journalism qualification so that I could back it up. I even have the revel in of presenting stay on TV. Because I went immediately into it, thrown in on the deep stop, I just absorbed all the expertise and am a fast learner.

“When I stopped modeling, I knew I needed to be a touch more conservative within the manner I offered myself, I dyed my hair brown for a chunk, and intentionally saved a low profile because I had to shake off that photo.

“I assume I even have validated myself now, I realize my stuff, and within the sport’s global,l I feel I am beginning to be respected – although I have still got a long way to move before I hit all my dreams in the industry.

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