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It may be 2019, but the 1950s have been the pinnacle of thoughts lately, what with the achievement of suggests like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and the resurgence of vintage-inspired makeup. It’s clean to peer why a twenty-first-century target audience could be enthralled by way of the generation: Glamorous film stars like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Jayne Mansfield bowled over at the silver screen, and the cosmetics industry changed into booming for the primary time for the reason that before the warfare.


“When you are looking on the ’50s, you’re looking at a transitional length after World War II,” says Gabriela Hernandez, make-up historian and founder of Bésame Cosmetics. “A lot of makeup wasn’t in manufacturing because of shortages for the duration of the warfare, but then the ’50s rolled around and all kinds of products were being produced.” Colors like turquoise, teal, and numerous sunglasses of red have been being made into eyeshadows and lipsticks — a far cry from the extra herbal make-up trends of the last decade previous. “Makeup wasn’t taboo anymore,” Hernandez says.

I was given my arms on a pamphlet of real makeup tutorials from the ’50s — so evidently, I tasked myself with following alongside as closely as possible. What started as aa laugh glimpse at a bygone technology fast became a verbal exchange around the cultural, social, and monetary impact of makeup, which you may watch in the video above.
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