Palette to create a smoky eye, or you may use the palette to become an artist. The newest inverted x-ray make-up trend on social media lets you do the latter, permitting you to get a touch extra innovative together with your make-up brushes.

Self-taught make-up artist Kamila Patyna from Poland was one of the first to create a full face of poor make-up and is credited as the trend’s writer. Beauty and hair vlogger Lithium Snow then took the concept and made a 1/2-face of the inverted x-ray makeup appearance, which becomes then picked up by using NikkieTutorials.

In Snow’s YouTube video, he shared that he desired to strive a make-up appearance that would assignment him and push his limits. Snow then took an image of his face and inverted the colors. He then mimicked the colors on one half of his face, creating an x-ray effect.


NikkieTutorials noticed Snow’s submit on Twitter, and at the beginning glance notion, it turned into Photoshop. When she found out that the blue and black shades have been absolutely make-up, she determined she needed to try it herself. The makeup international has given that jumped on the mission, and beneath are some of the great reiterations.

Lithium Snow’s Multi-Colored X-Ray

Snow began off with the Anastasia Beverley Hills Lip Palette because he believes that cream merchandise is first-rate for face portray. The palette has blue, white, and black sun shades, so it’s best. Snow then used extraordinary shades of blue and black to slowly color in the darkness, growing a negative replica of his face.

NikkieTutorials’ Glam Inverted Makeup

In her video, NikkieTutorial joked approximately how she currently stated that the usage of black make-up scared her because of how impossible it was to combo. Now she is developing a black-heavy appearance, proving you every so often should go head-first into your fears. NikkieTutorials created an extraordinary reiteration of the task, wherein she first finished her make-up on one side of her face. The vlogger then created the suitable terrible reproduction on the alternative half of, such as white contacts and white fake-lashes for additional effect.

Mik Ap Mik Ap’s Shadowy Take

Beauty vlogger Mik ap attempted the mission on her channel, the use of electric tape to split her face. She then used various palettes to create the intense black and blue x-ray colors, maximum extensively the usage of the sapphire hue from the Focallure Everchanging palette.

Bry Bry’s Seafoam Look

Bry Bry used green and aquamarine tones to create her inverted makeup look. The vlogger used a Morphe palette to get her seafoam green shades.

Chantelle’s Bold Strokes Of White

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