Jude Johnson Rice, now 5, sued after seeing Jill — a former Page 3 version and dancer in Stringfellows — in the aftermath of an accident at a Dublin rugby club.

She had walked through an unmarked glass pane.

It had now not been marked with any indications or warnings.


Jill shot to reputation as ‘Shannon’ in 2005 and 2006 while she has become the face of Peter Stringfellow’s short-lived Irish lap-dancing membership, which shut down after just five months.

Keith O’Grady, suggest for Jude Johnson-Rice, whose parents live in Co Fermanagh, instructed the Circuit Civil Court that during December 2014 the boy turned into together with his mum at Terenure College RFC in south Dublin.

He witnessed the aftermath of her coincidence.

Mr. O’Grady said the boy had now not witnessed the twist of fate or the glass shattering but had been extraordinarily distressed via seeing his mom in a bloody kingdom.

He said the defendants, Panda Play Cafe Limited and Terenure College RFC, had already settled the boy’s mothers declare and had presented a settlement of €20,000 to Jude, who had sued through his grandfather Brian Johnson from Ballinamallard, Co Fermanagh.

Judge Eoin Garavan heard the incident and the injuries to his mother have been a totally frightening incident for the child.

He instructed the judge he had two problems with now not recommending approval of the agreement.

Firstly the rugby club had entered a complete defense wherein it had pleaded that the child did now not suffer from any regarded psychiatric damage.

Secondly, the mom had now not taken her child for clinical remedy until nearly years after the incident whilst the mom cautioned her GP that her son had remained very fearful and worrying for 6 months ­afterwards.

Mr. O’Grady said the defendants had entered into correspondence with the own family solicitor John Murphy who advised them once they denied legal responsibility that they would incur in addition critical expenses arising out of inspections and the supply of CCTV photos.

Following an agreement meeting, a proposal of €20,000 has been made.

Mr. O’Grady stated the GP had located little or no wrong with the child. The GP had stated there have been no lasting bad effect at the boy.

Mr. O’Grady told Judge Garavan that while the defendants had now not joined the mom as a 3rd celebration to her son’s declare that they had alleged negligence against the mom in their complete defense.

He advocated the reputation of the offer.

Judge ­Garavan stated that while there has been no regarded psychiatric contamination identified, nonetheless there were many instances that got here before the courtroom that did not measure up to post annoying pressure disorder.

He accredited the offer.

Stringfellow released a membership in Parnell Street in north internal metropolis Dublin in February 2006 to large nearby opposition and at the peak of the Celtic Tiger insanity.

It turned into just the modern day in an extended line of venues stretching from ­London to Paris, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles.

But whilst Mr. Stringfellow opened a club in sublime Covent Garden in 1980 which went on to become one of the city’s longest going for walks institutions, the Irish challenge tanked.

From the day it opened, demonstrators maintained a nightly vigil out of doors, determined to put a stop to what they took into consideration to be a “sleazy” addition to the vicinity.

Much of the club’s publicity power centered round Jill Johnson’s nationality — the beauty being the best Irish female coated as much as work in the Parnell Street venue.

She became 27 while the media frenzy began in 2005 and appeared within the Irish Sun as a Page three woman in January 2006.

As one of the maximum earners in his London club, she was paraded by using Stringfellow — who died remaining year elderly 77 after battling cancer — to drum up exposure for the Irish task.

Beauty Jill informed the Irish Sun at the time she changed into happy with her paintings, even though it were given off to an embarrassing begin.

She found out: “I hadn’t informed anyone at domestic wherein I turned into running. Then one day considered one of my neighbors from Fermanagh walked into Stringfellows in London and we both nearly died!”

Word was given again to her mother and father and two sisters — and Jill admitted they began fretting at once.

She endured: “They had a whole lot of questions and they have been very stunned through what I was doing.

“We sat down and mentioned all of it. They expressed their worries and I instructed them the club changed into very secure and well-run and I became glad there.

“Once they knew I was safe and glad they were satisfactory and they have been very supportive of me ever since. And as for my pals and people from home, most of them assume it’s exceptional. I can really say I have in no way had a horrific response to what I do for a dwelling.”

Johnson left Fermanagh for the brilliant lights of America whilst she becomes simply 18 years old.

She later headed to England to observe theatre — but gave it the boot after a year.

Needing coins, a friend persuaded her to audition for Stringfellows.

Jill stated: “Of path, I changed into anxious at the beginning — however, I didn’t just bounce in without thinking about it.

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