The Most Iconic Makeup and Hair Moments From Your Favorite Early 2000s

Case: The era spanning from 1999 to mid-to-overdue 2001 turned into a pleasant time for makeup, in particular in the teen films one could browse on a Friday night time go to Blockbuster. This is a hill that I am inclined to die on.

The eye shadow turned into frosty, the lip gloss becomes even colder, and Mandy Moore’s “Candy” crammed our heads and hearts. The Y2K frenzy gave our pre-millennial minds tension that its disastrous popularity could come real once the clock hit nighttime on January 1, 2000 (spoiler alert — they did not). It turned into a time when the upward thrust of our denim was almost beneath sea degree, and the It girls always had three names (Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Geller, Rachael Lee Cook…)

It may be argued that each time new traits emerge, lots of them are callbacks to the tendencies that were massive 20 years earlier: The ‘70s had a resurgence inside the ‘90s, the ‘80s had a moment inside the ‘00s, and, extra recently, all of the ‘90s popular culture memes dominating social media serve as proof that we’re all a bit nostalgic for youth. That said, it changed into most effective a be counted of time earlier than the child red shadow and clear gloss that you wore simply earlier than the sunrise of a new millennium made their comebacks.

Break out the frame glitter, queue up the boy bands, and take a retrospective to take a look at the first-rate beauty moments in 2000s movie records under, in conjunction with hints on the way to recreate each one in our cutting-edge day of make-up

10 Things I Hate About You: Angsty Vs. Angelic
Bianca Stratford — performed using Larisa Olenik, aka Alex Mack of The Secret Life of Alex Mack — likes her Skechers, loves her Prada backpack and taught us the cardinal rule of not buying black underwear except you need someone to look it. (Does the rule of thumb nonetheless keep up? Did it ever even observe? Unclear.) Usually wearing an ensemble ripped directly from the pages of the Alloy catalog, the child crimson hue of Urban Decay’s Lo-Fi Lip Mousse in Halo would pair well with her floral print sundresses, insanely cute hair add-ons, and the two-piece prom dress forever burned into our recollections.

Being greater of a minimalist, Julia Stiles’s Kat might use Glossier Boy Brow. She’d type of roll her eyes at the truth that product’s call credits men for having any redeeming feature in any respect, but as for the described, herbal end, it offers the arched brow she throws in the direction of Joey and his vehicle that she rear-ended? Doesn’t hate it. Not even a touch bit. Not at all.

Jawbreaker: Killer Queen Beauty
Courtney “Satan in Heels” Shayne killed the youngster dream, not to mention the early ‘00s aesthetic as an entire, more frequently than no longer dressed in pink as a nod to her function as queen bee of Reagan High. In an interview to Broadly, author and director Darren Stein cited that Urban Decay’s famously gritty ‘90s-era coloration names served as one of the many notion factors for the film’s unflinchingly brash mindset — a fact that is explicitly glaring inside the scene when newcomer Fern Mayo is inducted into the powerful organization.

“Trends change, people trade. It’s all approximately information — pay attention to details,” says Courtney’s 2d-in-command, Marcie Fox. “Look at my nails. In junior high, I only wore pink. Now, it makes me puke, so I modified. See? It’s referred to as Demented. Seriously, the color’s called insane.”
“Mine? Decayed. Like Julie,” Courtney elaborates. “Our friendship with her is decayed. Rot. Julie is over. Done. Null and void. In weeks, no person will recognize her, together with you.”

Join rank with Courtney and the beautiful ones by blending the nine crimson-toned shadows in Huda Beauty’s Obsessions Eye Palette in Amethyst, then observe with Urban Decay’s holographic Hi-Fi Shine Lip Gloss in Candy Flip.

Miss Congeniality: The Undercover Makeover
She’s beautiful, and she or he’s grace, and before she becomes crowned Miss Congeniality at the pageant circuit, she was an FBI agent whose splendor recurring might be defined as “minimum at first-class.” With the assist of her pageant coach Victor and the rest of the Miss America hopefuls, Gracie Hart has become Gracie Lou Freebush, geared up with violet-toned metallics on her eyes, frosted lip gloss, and so. A whole lot. Glitter.

Channel her gaze using blending the pewter and purple sun shades from the Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Steeletto Palette, then carry the shimmer on your lips with Pat McGrath Labs’ Lust: Gloss in Earth Angel. Finish with a very liberal veil of the Ouai Hair and Body Shine Mist — after all, is it indeed a pageant if hair-and-body shimmer isn’t worried?

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