The little eyeliner can draw tremendously polarising reactions in human beings. Either it is as imperative as a steaming cup of espresso to your morning routine, or you need to struggle through hours of YouTube tutorials to get your winged eye proper. If you’re searching for breaking out of the follow-rinse-repeat cycle, we were given the make-up artists behind the best-dressed names within the biz to proportion their cheatsheet. Allow Sandhya Shekar, who has worked her magic on Deepika Padukone from the Met Gala to her big name-studded nuptials, and Mitali Vakil, who functions with the likes of Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and Parineeti Chopra, to guide you through the maze of angular pointers, winged eye hacks, and useful eyeliner formulations. Scroll beforehand for his or her top tips.

1) Don’t be afraid to get near

One of the maximum common errors I come upon is that people don’t pass very close to the lash line. You may also have drawn an excellent liner over the lids, but in case you neglect to tightline, there can be a specific area of skin visible between the lashes. As a rule of thumb, after you’ve implemented the eyeliner, do a short check and don’t forget to tightline for a perfect end,” says Padukone’s make-up artist Shekar.

2) Prime to make it last
“You’ll discover that applying eye primer and eyeshadow can drastically add to the durability to the lining, supporting it stay in a location longer without smudging,” says Shekar. Vakil adds, “Start by way of the usage of your go-to concealer as the base and apply an eye primer to create a smooth canvas before beginning with the eyeliner. Always upload eyeshadow on a pinnacle of your eyeliner to seal it right into an easy, lengthy-lasting appearance, or use unfastened powder to set the entirety in location.”

three) You can continuously get a redo
“Don’t panic in case your eyeliner has overstepped its obstacles; there are easy methods to minimize the mess. You can dip a Q-tip in some make-up remover and, the use of the skinny give up of the top, easy out the mistakes. You can also use the Q-tip to easy any stray strains if the eyeliner is crooked. Or you can pick to take a piece of not great family tape and draw a winged eyeliner with its assist. Start through taping the portion on the corners, and draw the wing alongside it for an angular, symmetrical form, with an easy finish, on both eyes,” recommends Vakil.

Four) Choose the right method

You can use a regular kohl pencil for higher manipulate in case you’re not too skilled, and once you’ve got evolved a consistent hand, you could try a liquid formulation as they may be greater impactful than a pencil. When it involves drawing problematic thin strains, a liquid method is your quality buddy. You’ll find lots of those to be had within the market, both within the form of a tube or a pen, this is angled in a specific manner to offer higher control even as drawing. There’s additionally the classic cake formulation, which entails dipping a damp brush into the pot after which drawing the lining. The cream textures are also available in a bowl and can include a corresponding brush. It is vital to undergo in thoughts that cream eyeliners may be a bit greater time-eating for a novice,” affirms Shekar.

5) Pick the perfect eyeliner fashion in your ability degree
Shekar explains, “For beginners, I would recommend drawing an easy, herbal eyeliner with a pencil or liquid eyeliner if you are comfortable. Don’t worry approximately fancy shapes or winging it out; start following the form of your eyelid from the inner corner to the outer corner. Once you’ve developed a certain level of consolation with eyeliner and feature mastered the artwork of a steady hand, you could level up using taking up the conventional winged eye. This fashion can seem intimidating. However, a smooth trick I use with a whole lot of the celebs I paintings with is to keep the eyes open, staring directly ahead into the replicate. First, draw the angular wing on each aspect, and then close one of the eyes to attach the wings to the lash line, before repeating the same on the other aspect. For skilled players, I trust it is vital to hold innovating and experimenting with shapes. Even something as simple as a winged eyeliner can offer quite a few variations—whether it is the green form, the antique style or a truly exaggerated one who takes the wing all the manner up. Once your hands get steady, your alternatives are endless—so don’t forget to play with shapes and have a laugh.”

Shekar recommends, “If the thought of drawing coordinated strokes has were given you confused, an clean way out would be to start with the aid of drawing dots near at the lash line, in place of dragging the pen over your lids and attempting to do a full sweep in a single go. Also, if you’re seeking to intensify the impact of your eyeliner, it facilitates to apply a kohl pencil first after which top that with a liquid or cream eyeliner. Since the end of the pencil is chubbier, it has a tendency to float very effortlessly, cover a variety of location and allows you to go very close to the lash line, as opposed to liquid which makes it more difficult to get that best end if you’re now not doing it ordinary. Anytime I want to do an extreme search for the pink carpet; I start by making use of a pencil, smudging it with my arms and then finishing off with a cream or liquid liner for maximum impact.”

“Beginners may even pick out to use a powder puff as aid because it allows getting a neat finish,” adds Vakil. “If you don’t have a practiced hand with eyeliner but, begin by way of drawing a difficult define and then filling it in closer to the lash line. To choose the classic winged finish, take into account to flick lightly upwards within the route of in which your eyebrow ends. You may also, but, need to have a look at some warning with the usage of tape often, as too much utilization can reason wrinkles and make the pores and skin across the eyes sag. If you are opting for a graphic eyeliner, always maintain your lips minimalistic and paintings in an awesome contour to give the face greater symmetrical attraction.”

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