Stassi Schroeder doesn’t comply with fashion developments — she sets them.

The “Vanderpump Rules” big name recently instructed Page Six Style she’s now not partial to any styles she’s seen on recent runways. “Why is everybody dressing like a space cadet?” she requested. “I truly don’t recognize. I’m in reality over athleisure and I’m definitely over giant tennis shoes. So if we should simply rapid ahead, that would be superb.”

Instead of seeking idea someplace else, Schroeder, 30, absolutely dresses in what makes her feel her exceptional — and is sharing that advice in her new e-book, “Next Level Basic: The Definitive Basic Bitch Handbook.”


“Honestly, every person wishes to find their personal uniforms in existence,” she told us. “I’m no longer gonna be like, ‘Oh, each person should personal a white button-down or like an amazing pair of skinny jeans.’ If that’s not your body type or your style, then no, you don’t need to have skinny jeans or a white button-down.”

“You constantly ought to have those types of clothing that you’re feeling the nice in, and that intensify the satisfactory parts of your self,” she persevered. “Put the ones within the back of your closet so when you’re now not feeling so hot, you already know which you have a fail-proof outfit to visit.”

Schroeder’s tip is mainly beneficial for instances while she isn’t feeling so warm. “There are so many days once I’m like, I simply have emails to reply to or writing or doing a podcast. I can stay in my rental and wear the same sweats that scent like old self-tanner and dog piss, and I don’t experience that first-rate about myself, and I don’t experience like I can accomplish a lot. But when I placed on an excellent outfit and take an ‘outfit of the day’ image I’m like, ‘You recognize what? I’m going to go out and do matters!’”

Concluded the National #OOTD Day founder: “I swear to God, whilst you put on a cute outfit, you just experience as you can triumph over the world.”

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