The world of YouTube is a beautiful area. One minute you can be watching a cat singing the National Anthem and the subsequent you could learn how to do the perfect cat eye ten special approaches. If splendor is your beat, this latest YouTube trend would possibly have you enticed (or grossed out!) for hours.

Allow me to introduce you to micro make-up, the YouTube video trend where vloggers use a microscope to use or dispose of makeup, examine their scalps, splendor gear, and more.


Vlogger Tina Yong kicked off this trend together with her video “Peel Off Blackhead Mask Under A Microscope.” Her breakout hit became “How My Makeup Looks Under a Microscope,” which has now handed over six million views. Since then, masses of films with “under a microscope” in the name were uploaded, racking up over 75 million perspectives, in line with YouTube.

So, in case you’ve ever puzzled what your pores virtually seem like beneath all that highlighter or if your beauty merchandise is as easy as they must be, bet no greater. Micro make-up is right here to take us on a deep dive adventure of our face beats. Watch many of the satisfactory movies below. You’ll never observe your self the identical way once more.

The Makeup as opposed to No Makeup Challenge

The OG Micro Makeup Vlogger Tina Yong’s most famous video. You can watch her microscope collection the use of the hashtag #TINASCOPE.

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