You’ve heard of diamond heists. You’ve heard of bank heists and art heists. You’ve watched George Clooney and Matt Damon and Sandy Bullock do them all inside the Ocean’s franchise. But did you already know you can also heist splendor?

As the U.S. Status makeup industry step by step grows—aided and abetted by, or perhaps because of, the social channels dedicated to spreading the best make-up word—so does the variety of counterfeits and stolen items. The F.B.I. Credit smooth get entry to to clients through the Internet. Follow any police blotter and also you’ll locate masses of proof of saving thievery, and the National Retail Federation reports a leap in shipment robbery. This week, the net splendor community changed into touch with the aid of one of those crimes, whilst YouTuber Jeffree Star claimed Tuesday that he’s $2.5 million inside the hole following a smash-in at one among his make-up warehouses.


This specific heist were given the TMZ remedy because of its victim’s prominence on YouTube. In a galaxy a long way, a ways away called “2006,” Star became a pop musician and the most-observed individual on Myspace. More recently, he’s grown to be known for his nicely-trafficked YouTube splendor channel. Most these days, even though, he’s grown to be reviled for racist remarks he made over a decade ago, which recirculated within the online beauty community remaining yr. (He apologized in a 15-minute video titled “RACISM.” It has over 4.6 million perspectives.) The feedback, and the blowback in opposition to them, ultimately led to something referred to as “Dramageddon,” that’s a tale so the area of interest and twisted, you ought to read or pay attention about it some other place. A caution: you can be 12 years vintage right now, but you’ll be fifty two with a mortgage and an unshakable cigarette addiction by the quiet of it.

Anyway, Star stated he became robbed. He became burgled. His goods were given got. He announced the breach in a video posted to YouTube after fans noticed what appeared to be stolen Star-branded cosmetics for sale on Facebook. Ever the multi-platform maestro, he first teased the video on his very own Twitter account:

Star believes it changed into an “inside job” and that the perpetrators have been tipped off via a former warehouse worker. Per the video, the “crew” of thieves entered via the roof and stole $2.5 million really worth of Star’s merchandise—maximum substantially, his unreleased Magic Star concealer. ”This is the most important theft I actually have ever skilled in my complete career,” he said. “This is the most important hit as a brand. I am still stunned approximately the complete issue.” The video had well over eight million views at the time of publication.

On Twitter Tuesday night, he said, “We are slowly unraveling all of the evidence and finding all the folks who are in possession of my products and who their resources are. The makeup black marketplace is so twisted and has several layers. I can’t consider something I labored so difficult on is floating around everywhere in the global.” (When reached by means of the cellphone on Tuesday, the L.A.P.D. Had no statistics to add approximately the ongoing research.)News of the occasion had some make-up boards celebrating the hit to the YouTuber’s backside line. Others linked it to another comparable-sounding heist that targeted a Los Angeles warehouse storing Anastasia Beverly Hills-branded make-up in 2017. That was $four.Five million job. Regardless, makeup warehouse heists don’t appear to be terribly common yet, and when requested if these thefts had been related, a member of the L.A.P.D. Said they don’t have “a nexus presently.”

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