If you have got watched a single episode of Game of Thrones you then realize two things – all people are losing their minds over the iron throne and the women of GoT have critically exact hair. From Dany’s braids to Cersei’s grown-out pixie reduce; each Game Of Thrones hairstyle is key to the narrative and suffering from hidden meanings that foreshadow primary plot points.

The fandom has genuinely had many beauty-based totally theories over the years. Like while one Reddit user posited that Dany became styling her hair in homage to her dead husband, Khal Drogo. Or ultimate season while fans out that Sansa Stark’s hair started to resemble early-season Cersei’s—absolutely everyone began thinking if that meant she changed into turning in the direction of the dark facet.


Here, the whole lot we recognize about the Game of thrones hairstyles up to now…
Daenerys Targaryen

There’s a lot to love about the Mother of Dragon’s silver tresses; it is lengthy, wavy and flawlessly braided into tricky designs. Emilia Clarke famously dyed her natural brown tresses platinum blonde to fit her wigs and hair extensions. But there is so much more to Dany’s braids than a choice for a sturdy lewk: Khaleesi’s braids have developed from season one and have ended up an image of her victory in war.

Back in episode one, Dany knowledgeable her brother of the Dothraki customs, claiming that braids characterize victories and due to the fact he hadn’t made any, he wasn’t accredited to put on one. Snaps hands like a mad. Dany, however, has earned herself several braids as the seasons have advanced, which you may see within the image under.

Hair length is also reflective of a man or woman’s achievement at the battlefield – whilst a struggle is lost the Dothraki chop off their braids. Only time will inform whether her courting with Jon Snow will have an impact on her signature hairstyle.

Cersei Lannister

Just one study Cersei Lannister (Lena Headley) expertly weaved long waves in season one and you realize she’s a complicated girl. While it became clear from the begin Cersei changed into a complicated person – in a good extra complicated relationship along with her brother Jamie Lannister – her preference of haircut seemed to lull her enemies into complacency.

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Cersei’s fundamental man or woman arc comes whilst she arrested by way of The Sparrows in season 5 for costs along with adultery and incest. Her hair, now extra unkempt and wild, reflecting the lack of electricity and manage in her existence. Never changed into she extra vulnerable than while she had her long hair chopped off before the stroll of shame.

But you cannot hold a Lannister down for long, and as we enter the final season, she is genuinely in a role to win the Iron Throne.

Sansa Stark

Fans have pointed out the sturdy similarities among the Lady of Winterfell’s fashion du jour and the hair of whoever she is trying to win over. Exhibit A – When we first meet Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), she’s dressed in blues and furs — a classic Northern woman, which is exactly what she becomes. Upon her circulate to King’s Landing, Sansa adopts an extra southern approach.

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