Fiona Guidice, who hails from Lakeland, Florida, has been a hairdresser for two a long time, first coming into the industry at the age of sixteen. She started out doing hair and makeup for theater as a teenager and participated in a two-12 months-long hairdressing program at a vocational faculty. She passed the Florida cosmetology board assessments and have become entirely certified by the time she becomes 17. After running as a head hairstylist and salon manager in the course of Florida and on cruise ships inside the Caribbean, she moved to New York in 2007 after which to Brooklyn a yr later.

Once her country hair license transferred, Giudice began running at Donne Salon on Union St. And different community institutions. She moved on to own a one-chair salon after constructing up clientele, and ultimately multiplied to a 4-chair salon two and 1/2 years in the past. Though her salon’s call these days changed from “Maven By Fiona” to “Fiona Hair NYC,” Guidice’s nonetheless a one-female show with scissors in one hand and a hair dryer within the different.

Trends and Styles

Guidice says the most popular services are highlights and overlaying up grey roots, the “bread, and butter of most salons.” Due to the character of this provider, plenty of her spotlight clients will come in one or times a yr because “it’s the greater weathered, grown-out appearance that’s in,” according to Guidice. But the alternative present-day trend is getting certainly-located highlights that mimic nature, even though the coloration selection can be unnatural.

“[It can be] natural-looking blonde and caramel highlights or something greater like the mermaid/unicorn form of colors like fuchsia or rainbow,” Guidice similarly explains.

The ombré’s come to be more mixed in phrases of coloration gradation from dark to mild and has transitioned more right into a sombré (the nickname for a smooth or diffused ombré) – which means the color’s transition is extra slow and much less extreme. To believe this kind of favor, Guidice defined it like seeing your hair come to be lighter in shade when you go to the beach at some point of the summer – the ends of your hair have been to the seaside greater instances than the hair 3 inches up from that, and consequently are indeed lighter from the solar’s rays. Balayage is a technique that’s used to reap an ombré by freehand ‘painting’ bleach or lightener onto the hair (versus using foil for a similar impact).

“You use this approach to create unique seems, like the above, or to do greater traditional highlight seems or to acquire the look of ‘surfer’ or ‘little girl on the seashore’ hair. Like portray sunlight at the hair, creating ribbons of light on the nose,” Guidice explains. “It gives a smooth, natural-looking blended root that grows out fantastically and makes preservation extra manageable.”

Another trend Guidice has noticed inside the industry is returning to old strategies of styling; much like what’s vintage is new again.

There are rollers out now that you may sleep in [and] come up with a gentle, tousled effect,” she says. “It’s nevertheless a very current appearance, but the manner is greater like what our grandparents did than what our parents did, as a long way as styling goes.”

Green Salon-Certified

Giudice’s salon has become an authorized Green Circle Salon some years in the past while it was still below the old business call. Green Circle Salons is a special recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, coloration tubes, plastics, irons/dryers, and chemical compounds are diverted out of landfills and water systems. Since those substances, merchandise, and gear are salon-particular and cannot be recycled by way of the town, they’re sent to Green Circle Salons as an alternative. Additionally, Guidice collects and sends in hair clippings (shorter than 10 inches), so they may be repurposed and used for oil spill cleanups. Boons fabricated from hair are used a couple of times, in evaluation to plastic ones which are disposed of after one use, because they haven’t determined the end in their existence cycle yet.

“That’s what hair is meant to do – to absorb all that oil and grease, get washed and do all of it once more,” Guidice says.

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