T would be so first-class to have a great haircut. Like, a sincerely top one. The form of hair that seems like the result of know-how what sort of haircut could look precise on you. Some haircut that looks easy or, if not handy, at least the result of effort expended fruitfully. The sort of hair that makes an acquaintance at a mutual pal’s party see you and say, oh cute haircut.

There is any such haircut, allegedly. You may also have already seen it in its natural habitat, your Instagram feed: gentle, pretty, planned, retro, and flattering. It’s the haircut that asserts; I can cross on the excursion and look the way holiday feels. It’s the haircut that announces, I’m into Stevie Nicks and am most probably white. It’s the haircut that says, I made an actual decision here concerning my hair and as you can see it paid off.

The haircut become added to my interest earlier this month while BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos tweeted: “Tech structures are cracking down on anti-vax content, and yet I see Instagram taking NO ACTION on the hair stylist in San Francisco who handiest gives human beings shaggy bang cuts, which is extremely risky [to] long-haired human beings throughout the united states, thinking they could pull off that look.”


The Bay Area hairstylist she’s speaking approximately is Jayne Matthews from San Francisco’s Edo Salon and Gallery. She has over fifty-six,000 fans on Instagram, inclusive of numerous of my friends (none of whom stay inside the Bay Area). Her Instagram is full of earlier than-and-after shag shots of her lovely, shag-loving clients. The hashtag #shaghaircut that often accompanies her snapshots (and the images of the various hairstylists whose Instagram reputation has also grown because of their documentation of the #shaghaircut) has 29,310 posts. It will, very likely, make you want this haircut. I hesitate to tell you to look until you are confident you will now not be swayed from anything your precise haircut is now, or you are prepared to decide to a (perhaps) lifetime of having a wholly planned and probably very cool hair. Please be sincere with yourself before clicking.

My colleague, Jen Gann — a female I concept I knew — admitted, in reaction to Notopoulos’s tweet that she had already succumbed to Jayne and the haircut. “Let’s just say I agreed to try ‘something new’ after which exited Edo Salon looking not anything like Natasha Lyonne,” she said.

Jen informed me she was panicked “proper from the begin” of the haircut process. “I could inform I’d long gone too some distance, and that opinion become showed because it started to dry.” But became it a awful cut? Or changed into it perhaps just the reality that she changed into used to seeing herself a sure way, and needed to adjust? “I think it’s the truth I’m now not a young, skinny 22-yr-vintage.”

She is presently looking for an expensive haircut.

Still, I can’t help however want the haircut. I wish its effortless appeal, its face-framing deliberateness, its indistinct French-ness. But could the haircut appearance as exact on me because it seems to the presence on all people on Instagram — human beings who have, yes, chosen to report their haircuts and likely wouldn’t have accomplished so except they appeared notable? Could it possibly keep its shape after that first before-and-after photograph? Is there any manner — any manner at all — that it doesn’t grow to be a massive, silly-searching mess at once after your first domestic wash? “I need the haircut,” I stated to Jen. “Do NOT get the haircut,” Jen said to me.

But I want the haircut …

“I don’t even suppose I become thinking about it till I observed Jayne’s Instagram page,” Elizabeth Barrett, an assistant film editor in Los Angeles, told me over the phone. She is a woman in possession of the haircut. “And I don’t even recollect how I determined that. I think I noticed a person else comply with her, or a person appreciated one of her photographs. And I was like, ooh, wow; those are surely cute haircuts, I’m virtually into this.”

She observed the Instagram account without a real plan for a hair alternate, that’s a red flag for the ones of you who are nonetheless on the fence approximately looking. Then she noticed Jayne Matthews changed into going to be in her town. “She published like, and I’m gonna be in LA if everyone desires a haircut … there’s one spot if a person wishes it.” And she got it.

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