Photographer Caroline South is a beachcomber who stocks her finds in suave preparations that remember found objects and color. Based in West Sussex, she and her own family spend time exploring the southern shoreline and uncovering hidden treasures alongside the way, from plastic objects to sea glass. Once these items are cleaned and prepared, she positions them in tidy compositions that assist you in respecting her discoveries. We’re left marveling at how even the maximum mundane objects can be made stunning while considered in the right layout.

Although found gadgets are a massive a part of South’s whimsical photography, she also contains items that aren’t from the seashore however match her aesthetic. Flowers, style, and meals are different elements of her paintings, and they abide through the same rainbow color palette and gradient arrangements which can be appealing to the eye—a reality that’s amplified while you scroll thru her popular Instagram feed.

We spoke with South approximately her photography, along with the system she makes use of to seize her colorful pics. Scroll down for My Modern Met’s single interview.

Caroline South combs the beach and uses her discoveries as elements in her whimsical photography. Learn extra about her work in our interview below.

When did you begin taking photos?

I initially started out taking snapshots for my blog wherein I shared an aggregate of photos of each my family, my seashore collections, and various craft projects. When I joined Instagram, about six years in the past now, it has become my innovative outlet and an area to proportion my photographs.

You and your own family spend time exploring the seaside and finding things from there. How a great deal of it finally ends up in your pix?

I spend lots of time exploring the south coastline amassing treasures and seaside cleaning. I maintain most of the bits I locate and have many ongoing collections prepared to use in destiny photos. My portions are all organized in jars or tubs in either coloration order or by using the themed collection.

What would you remember your finest locate while at the beach?

The Lego Lost at Sea is one among my favored things to discover. These (ironically sea themed) pieces have been within the sea when you consider that 1997 while packing containers fell from the box ship, The Tokio Express, and they’re still washing up nowadays. I have observed many Lego flippers, scuba tanks, and spear weapons – though am yet to discover an uncommon octopus or dragon! I also love finding unique and antique plastic gadgets consisting of military men, cracker toys, antique hairpins, and connecting beads.

What do you do to prep for a shoot?

When getting equipped for a shoot, I will first accumulate together all of the materials or colored portions had to make up the picture. A picture such as the prepared plastics can take some days to complete and I will frequently stick down the pieces that mean I can come back to it without demanding they’ll have moved position.

Do you know precisely how and what gadgets you’ll use for it?

Before beginning a picture, I will generally have a great idea of the finished look in my head, but I equally want to go with the glide and mess around, including portions until I am glad about the final shape or gradient.

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