Kayla White, the founding father of Kay Sadá Cosmetics, offers sisterhood and empowerment through her make-up brand. The makeup line author also refers to herself by using the moniker Kay Sadá. White balances her role as a successful entrepreneur, wife, and mom who advocates for ladies to stay their quality lives while feeling empowered about themselves.

Kay Sadá Cosmetics garners attention on-line for her precise cosmetics names like “Wifey for Lifey” and “You’re the Katch via Lauren Lyrics.” Kay Sadá Cosmetics is participating with other cosmetic logo proprietors to champion women empowerment. Kay Sadá Cosmetics is on a challenge to collaborate with different marketers, have fun and encourage girls empowerment. Here’s how she is doing it.


Tell us about your adventure beginning your own beauty line.
My journey has been awesome. I’ve finished many milestones past my wildest dreams. From promoting products to my own family and friends to selling products across the [country] is, in itself, a massive accomplishment.

The accomplishment I’m maximum proud of in this journey is that I’ve been capable of providing you with an idea, not like another brand. My employer thrives on celebrating ladies’ power first – bringing ladies together and celebrating their specific beauty. Being capable of paintings with beauty pioneers like Gloria Ann, Amber Lewis, and Lauren Lyrics who represent the identical goals has been a true honor. I was able to take my logo’s idea and partner with these effective ladies to create products that could, in flip, empower others. You can’t ask for more than that in my book.

What advice can you provide ladies who are starting their make-up journey?
Create your own lane. There isn’t a blueprint for having an employer that represents your private values and run it your way. Build a corporation in love, and the whole thing else will fall into place. Lastly, in no way supply in.

Why is sisterhood a crucial a part of the Kay Sadá Cosmetics?
I fell in love with the concept of women being their own bosses, making their own money, making their personal rules, being happy, and searching like their fine selves wearing Kay Sadá Cosmetics. But I also recognize that we are a lot stronger together. We are higher when we’re rooted in the community and sisterhood. This is why have a sisterhood that is going to uplift and empower all girls is essential.

How can ladies who want to make their very own cosmetic merchandise team up with Kay Sada’ Cosmetics?
Working with girls is pivotal to our logo. Our project is to carry girls together through make-up. There are many ways that girls can reach us. You can touch us through electronic mail at [email protected] We’d be glad to time table time for us to talk about the possibility.

Is there some thing else you would love readers to recognize?
We are operating with our subsequent emblem associate to launch something special. We’ve also teamed up with Makeup Tips excursion for their Learn & Sip Makeup Tips Tour wherein girls can learn how to apply their make-up and hook up with different girls. We’ve traveled to Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York for meetings and events, and we’re excited our next stop in Harrisburg.

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