Picture, for a second, Camila Mendes—what comes to mind (aside from her killer appearing abilties on The Perfect Date and her frame-tremendous Instagram)? I’m gonna pass in advance and guess it’s her trademark hair: inky black, extremely good smooth, and crazy-bright. I imply it’s Veronica Lodge’s calling card, after all.

But the Riverdale star simply reminded the world she’s a actual man or women along with her own self reliant frame alternatives (read: no longer just a person on your favorite TV show) by way of cutting off her hair right into a shaggy lob (a protracted bob, for the hair illiterate) and dying it a tender brunette shade. I know—hard-hitting information, but I’m still here for it, K?


Camila posted a photograph of her new haircut to her Insta tales just an hour in the past, writing “7 hrs later” above a selfie with colorist Matt Rez and hairstylist Buddy Porter. “Back to brown à Los Angeles @ColorByMattRez” reads one caption, at the same time as every other reads “with a fresh cut à la @BuddyWPorter.”

Porter additionally published a % to his Instagram, writing, “If I’m in a salon till nighttime, I’m happy it’s with these two.” I imply, who doesn’t get their hair completed at nighttime?

And if seven hours feels like an insanely long time for a cut and shade, right here’s a brief reminder: To move lighter, you have to strategically strip your hair of its color earlier than dyeing it a lighter coloration. And to make sure the method doesn’t absolutely spoil your hair, you need to paintings slowly and carefully.

Basically, beauty is a pain—and a complete day at the salon.

This makes the four-hundredth time Camila has been inside the information this week, way to her new film The Perfect Date that simply dropped on Netflix. The rom-com functions your boyfriend Noah Centineo and your girlfriend Camila for an appropriate combination of happiness and why-the-f*ck-doesn’t-this-take place-to-me sadness.

So despite the fact that superstar haircuts aren’t your issue, you can take a seat the heck down…and watch Camila in any other adorable teen rom-com alternatively.

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