I’m a Wrong-Way Photographer

My call is Brian Carey, and I’m a photographer in St John’s Newfoundland Canada. I’m like a lot of photographers in that I like to praise my professional paintings with something non-public, something I can connect with.

My panorama and seascape pictures allow me to hook up with the surroundings around me and my avenue photography we could connect me with human beings. But not handiest does it ground me in a private reflective sense, but it also helps me increase my craft technically and discover innovative alternatives.


One approach I determined a hit like a long way as creativity goes is to do the opposite of what comes to thoughts. Go counterintuitive. For a few years, I actually have gone to Cape Spear (a countrywide ancient site approximately 20 mins power from my house) to photograph the seascapes, lighthouses and icebergs and whales if they’re in season. I went there to image the nighttime sky, I went there to photograph the dawn over the North Atlantic, I went there to take pics of people. I went there so much I concept, “I can’t go returned there again, I’ll by no means get anything exclusive or better than what I was given”.

The equal line of questioning is going for road photography I’ve been working on for the final 12 years. I started out my street pictures because I had been in a neighborhood office and visible pictures of people I’d seen downtown years in the past once I became a kid. They’re, some of them are what you may call nearby legends, all gone now, but you still hear the “do not forget whilst” stories. I idea I’d like to provide this a try to picture those people for future generations.

I got to thinking how road photography in its many bureaucracies is quite comparable and “what ought to I do to make this a bit specific?” I decided to move downtown when anyone else is headed the alternative way. Like whilst a snow hurricane is ready to begin. Everyone else is heading domestic and I’m headed the wrong way — I heading downtown into the typhoon.

This rings a bell in my memory of the testimonies I study of Stanley Kubrick who, when he was a youngster, used to visit the Bronx Zoo to take pix. Not to take photographs of the animals but of humans looking at and interacting with them. He was given a few exquisite pictures however highly this method remains uncommon.

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