It could be so first-rate to have a very good haircut. Like, a certainly correct one. The sort of haircut that looks as if the result of understanding what sort of haircut might look proper on you. The sort of haircut that looks handy or, if not easy, at the least the result of effort expended fruitfully. The sort of haircut that makes an acquaintance at a mutual friend’s birthday celebration see you and say, oh adorable haircut.

There is this sort of haircut, allegedly. You may additionally have already seen it in its natural habitat, your Instagram feed: smooth, quite, deliberate, retro, and flattering. It’s the haircut that announces, I can cross on vacation and appearance the manner vacation feels. It’s the haircut that announces, I’m into Stevie Nicks and am most probable white. It’s the haircut that says, I made a real decision here concerning my haircut and as you can see it paid off.


The haircut became added to my attention in advance this month whilst BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos tweeted: “Tech systems are cracking down on anti-vaxx content material, and yet I see Instagram taking NO ACTION at the hair stylist in San Francisco who handiest gives people shaggy bang cuts, that is extraordinarily risky [to] lengthy-haired humans across the USA, questioning they can pull off that appearance.”

The Bay Area hairstylist she’s talking approximately is Jayne Matthews from San Francisco’s Edo Salon and Gallery. She has over fifty six,000 fans on Instagram, such as several of my buddies (none of whom stay inside the Bay Area). Her Instagram is full of before-and-after shag photographs of her lovable, shag-loving purchasers. The hashtag #shaghaircut that frequently accompanies her photos (and the photographs of the various different hairstylists whose Instagram fame has also grown because of their documentation of the #shaghaircut) has 29,310 posts. It will, very likely, make you want this haircut. I hesitate to tell you to look except you are positive you’ll no longer be swayed from whatever your unique haircut is now, or you are geared up to decide to a (perhaps) lifetime of getting a completely deliberate and probably very cool haircut. Please be sincere with yourself earlier than clicking.

My colleague, Jen Gann — a woman I concept I knew — admitted, in reaction to Notopoulos’s tweet, that she had already succumbed to Jayne and the haircut. “Let’s just say I agreed to attempt ‘some thing new’ and then exited Edo Salon looking nothing like Natasha Lyonne,” she stated.

Jen advised me she become panicked “right from the begin” of the haircut technique. “I may want to tell I’d long gone too a long way, and that opinion become confirmed as it started to dry.” But was it definitely a terrible reduce? Or was it perhaps just the truth that she changed into used to seeing herself a positive way, and had to alter? “I suppose it’s the reality I’m no longer a younger, skinny 22-year-antique.”

She is presently on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind haircut.

Still, I can’t assist however want the haircut. I want its effortless attraction, its face-framing deliberateness, its vague French-ness. But should the haircut appearance as precise on me because it appears to an appearance on absolutely everyone on Instagram — people who’ve, yes, selected to record their haircuts and likely wouldn’t have executed so unless they seemed top notch? Could it probable maintain its form after that initial earlier than-and-after photograph? Is there any manner — any way at all — that it doesn’t become a huge, silly-looking mess without delay after your first domestic wash? “I want the haircut,” I stated to Jen. “Do NOT get the haircut,” Jen stated to me.

But I want the haircut …

“I don’t even think I was thinking about it until I discovered Jayne’s Instagram page,” Elizabeth Barrett, an assistant film editor in Los Angeles, told me over the phone. She is a girl in ownership of the haircut. “And I don’t even recollect how I observed that. I suppose I noticed a person else follow her, or a person preferred one of her photographs. And I was like, ooh, wow, those are without a doubt lovely haircuts, I’m sincerely into this.”

She accompanied the Instagram account with no actual plans for a hair trade, which is a pink flag for those of you who’re still at the fence approximately looking. Then she noticed Jayne Matthews was going to be in her metropolis. “She published like, I’m gonna be in LA if anyone desires a haircut … there’s one spot if a person desires it.” And she got it.

She surrendered her hair totally to Jayne and the end result changed into, of course, lovely. But did it turn out to be a huge silly-looking mess immediately after her first home wash?

“I will say that because my hair turned into not educated to head straight forward with a bang, it maybe took some weeks or as a way to get it to, like, fall forward effectively.” A-HA! “But it honestly wasn’t a war.” Ah. “The bang layers start truely ways returned — they begin technically on the crown of my head — and I have to brush it all ahead so it doesn’t look completely incorrect. But it sincerely didn’t take lengthy to educate my hair to go that manner.”

Okay, but does she should use a whole lot of products? “I use salt spray, which becomes considered one of her hints, I’m pretty sure she makes use of it on absolutely everyone. Besides that, I genuinely think any product would make it look excellent. It just relies upon on how you style it. I think it’s so easy to make these haircut paintings that it doesn’t virtually matter.”


Hallie, co-proprietor of New Jersey–primarily based apparel store Shedhead Vintage, is likewise in possession of the haircut. She was given hers from a stylist who specializes within the shag reduce on the salon she visits regularly. “I changed into broadly speaking nervous about the bangs, simply because of it adjustments your entire face,” she stated. Her emotional kingdom at the end of her haircut, however, changed into quite distinct. “I turned into so satisfied! I felt like … clearly cool. I turned into absolutely happy with myself.”

“It’s quite clean to style because my hair is obviously curly. When I sleep on my hair it flattens a bit bit, so in the morning I’ll simply curl the portions which might be too directly for my liking and then I’m prepared to head. “

Interesting. Okay, properly how approximately Deanna Leone from Philadelphia? Surely a Philadelphian might be sincere with me approximately the actual pain as a result of her supposedly effortlessly beautiful shag haircut that I love. “It’s essentially a dry and cross type of favor for me,” she said. Fine.

After getting the reduce she turned into “certainly in love” with the style, ugh. “The shag gave me the va-va-voom I always wanted and sincerely simply framed my face in a manner no other cut has.” She uses Spiritulized through R+Co, a dry shampoo mist, at her crown inside the morning and “just form of tousle[s] the relaxation.”

Priscilla Robinson, a scholar in Los Angeles, discovered Jayne thru Portland stylist Bree Ritter’s Instagram account @goodbyehorsegirl. She wanted the haircut, however, didn’t live near sufficient to either stylist to get it. “Basically I stalked them both looking forward to a possibility to expose itself.” One day she noticed on Instagram that fashions were wished for Jayne’s upcoming razor reduce classes in Los Angeles, so she despatched in some photographs. “Everything aligned in my preference, I changed into able to ultimately get my shag in Santa Monica within taking walks distance of my area. I virtually manifested that one.”

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