Magdalena Herrera, director of photography at GEO mag, has a wealth of experience in the international of images and journalism, and an eager eye for an excellent photograph. This made her preferably positioned for her appointment as a judge for the 2019 European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.


The opposition, run yearly with the aid of the Society of German Nature Photographers and now in its 19th yr, challenges expert and non-expert photographers alike to offer the quality images Europe has to provide.

Herrera took some time to talk to us approximately the competition, what to anticipate, and the way photographers, as well as imparting breathtaking pictures, can assist power fantastic engagement with the surroundings.
Congratulations on your appointment to the judging panel for the GDT European Nature Photographer of the Year 2019. How did you become involved with this opposition?

“I assume some of the photographers I paintings with at Geo have advised that I participate. Geo is a mag this is worried about the surroundings, nature and flora and fauna conservation.”

Why do you suspect competitions including this are vital?

“Nature and flora and fauna images are becoming increasingly popular. Photographers are our ambassadors and our eyes and those events allow us to make the object of their work regarded to the widest possible audience. Today, it’s miles crucial to focus on the natural splendor of our planet however additionally the dangers. It’s no longer just about beautiful photographs.”
Have you visible some of the entries yet? What is the usual like thus far?

“As some distance as I can see the same old is excessive!”
Is there whatever especially you’re hoping to see in this 12 months’ entries?

“I hope to peer, as with any photo, something that indicates complexity or tension, behavior, activity and hazard too.”
Is there a class that you specifically appreciate or experience?

“I have to say, I love them all but I am in particular interested by the K7 one (the one that focuses on the beneficial or terrible dating between human beings and nature)

Why do you believe you studied it is critical for the competition to discover this precise subject matter?

“It is essential not to separate the animal from the human and to reveal this relationship, which can be damaging (on the part of human beings). We share a planet in which absolutely everyone needs to locate their place.”
To what volume is nature pictures able to mirror on the efforts of conservation and/or monitor what greater needs to be accomplished? What are their barriers?

“Nature photography shows us an overview of the situation, once in a while in a completely aesthetic shape, but in current years it has advanced right into an image that well-known shows a context that, like several documentary images, explores the connection of the dwelling to a territory. In this feel, it strongly issues us all.”

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