When you’re Nicole Kidman and also you’re starring on a couple of HBO dramas, how do you tell them apart? With an intensive hair transformation, obviously! Shortly following the statement that the “limited” series Big Little Lies is virtually not so confined and would be returning to HBO in June of this 12 months, the show’s lead actress and producer launched herself into filming yet another HBO prestige collection—The Undoing with Hugh Grant, based on the novel You Should Have Known by Hanff Korelitz—and, for her position, she traded in her blonde waves for a chest-length crimson perm.
The actress was spotted filming The Undoing, wherein she plays a therapist on the cusp of publishing her first book when her husband is going missing, on New York’s Upper East Side this week, costumed in a burgundy trench—velvet? Horsehair?—with coordinating knee-high boots. But, at the same time as surprisingly sparkling, the hairstyle wasn’t honestly an unfamiliar one for Kidman—as a substitute, it recalled the purple curls that haloed her for a lot of the ’90s and into the early ’00s, from her appearances on the red carpet for the Academy Awards and movies like Days of Thunder to her components on display screen in Eyes Wide Shut and Moulin Rouge. She became blonde into Die For, but that didn’t make itself permanent till around the time of Cold Mountain and Dogville in the mid-’00s.

Kidman has been frank approximately the approaches that the substantial ameliorations that accompany immersing herself in a function help her get into man or woman. For Destroyer, the latest Karyn Kusama–directed cop drama, she “ended up just in no way taking” off the jeans and leather jacket that her tormented man or woman additionally existed in; she also wore considerable prosthetics that Jezebel described as “absurd” but perhaps weren’t honestly supposed to be particularly realistic. She did the prosthetics thing, too, for The Hours, in which she played Virginia Woolf, and has periodically gone lower back to purple hair for diverse roles over time—together with for Big Little Lies, wherein her hair’s more of a clean copper than a deep red, and flat-pressed in preference to curled. Compared to Destroyer, a bit of hair transformation is almost not anything.

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