The other day, I turned into watching The Wedding Planner as it got here on TV and that is what you do while The Wedding Planner comes on TV. I became surprised through a moment from the 2001 movie that I failed to remember: Jennifer Lopez’s man or woman, Mary, tames her messy hair in a desperate moment by way of licking her fingers and smoothing down the flyaways. And now, NBC reporter Matt Bradley has taken that styling approach to an ickier, by accident very public new stage.

As MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi was introducing Bradley as part of a section at the fight against ISIS, the reporter, currently primarily based in Syria, became seemingly unaware that his stay shot had commenced. He was visible spitting into his cupped hand and the use of his saliva to slick returned his hair — after which he did it once more with the other hand.

Although he initially couldn’t listen Velshi, Bradley was eventually capable of supply his file — but his journalism chops aren’t what Twitter is humming over. People cannot forestall talking approximately the saliva-styling moment, which went viral with the assist of a tweet reading, “THIS JUST HAPPENED LIVE!!!”

The Twitter reaction has been mixed, with many humans expressing revulsion and astonishment over the improvised grooming approach. In addition to lots of memes and gifs, customers wrote feedback like, “I would like to unsee this,” in addition to, “Can’t help but wonder how often he’s performed so earlier than without being seen stay on 📺,” and my non-public favored, “Imagine retaining your mutant great-strength (expectorating hair gel) secret on your entire life and then you definitely by accident broadcast it on TV.”

Others had been greater sympathetic, maintaining in mind that it can not be easy reporting from a risky, warfare-torn location like Syria. “Hey, you don’t usually [have] Bumble & Bumble Sumotech hair paste to be had. It takes place,” strategic intelligence analyst Eric Garland tweeted. “I surely feel so so horrific for him. 😩,” another Twitter consumer wrote. But possibly CNBC anchor Carl Quintanilla positioned it quality while he stated, “Folks reporting live from Syria can get geared up for air any. Way. They. Want. 💯.”

Actually, I take that back. Bradley himself positioned it quality while he retweeted someone else’s video of the instant with one hashtag that says it all: #WarIsHell.

Here’s hoping he gets a hair-emblem contract when he makes his secure go back domestic.

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