Canadian Photographer Chris Nicholls (Not to be harassed with Chris Niccolls of DPReview) shoots for magazines like Marie Claire, FASHION, and in this video, Dress To Kill. Thankfully he had a behind the scenes team with him to capture just how tough it can be to shoot inside the Californian barren region, despite a complete team.


A lot of BTS movies you see online are one-person suggests, maybe with a make-up artist, so it is fresh to see a video with a full crew, which include stylist and art director. Understanding how a complete team works together as a unit to get an entire fashion story together is continually a captivating watch, mainly with a Lost in La Mancha-esque weather scenario. Nothing like a massive rainstorm within the middle of a desert shoot!

In the quit, the images they were given have been terrific, using the gusts of wind to their gain and it is merely going to reveal that with plenty of pre-making plans, and the willingness to throw that out the window to improvise, you could take something comes your way to create a few fantastic shots.


I’m without a doubt excited to see in which Chris’s YouTube channel is going inside the destiny if he continues pumping out excellent content material like this! It’s brilliant to peer a running photographer start up a chain as it’s tough, and when you’re trying to juggle the entirety else on a shoot, it’s not clear for your mind.

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