The Fashion Institute of Technology hosted their Annual Awards Gala at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC on Wednesday night time.

The star-studded event, which protected Alec and Hilaria Stanley Baldwin, Amber Valletta, and “Say Yes to the Dress” megastar Randy Fenoli, raised over $1 million for the FIT Foundation. While the theme becomes “Innovation in Sustainability,” we asked seven fashion industry veterans to weigh in on what the future of style method to them
Amber Valetta, Actress, and model

“The future of style is in reality about sustainability. There are so much innovation and creativity and enterprise opportunities that that is in which the enterprise goes. No shot of a doubt.”

Joe Zee, Fashion guru and former innovative director of ELLE Magazine

“I assume the future of favor is approximately personalization. We’re walking into an era in which everybody needs everything personalized. Everything approximately our lives in customized. So what music you need to pay attention — you can pick out and selected, you don’t have to shop for the complete album — [and] what indicates you need to observe — you could choose and selected, you may watch it whenever you want to observe it. We all have to get entry to so many things, so I sense like style is just going to turn out to be that as well. For instance — she wants something with sleeves, she needs something without sleeves, you want long, she wishes quick — I assume we are going to flow into that place where we’re going to begin to locate matters without a doubt individualized and customized for a number of humans, in a manner that does not feel so genetically all the equal. What we do not need is uniform.”

Hilaria 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, Best-selling creator

“I’m a mother of 4, so consolation is fundamental. I commonly put on yoga pants. I don’t know, but consolation has to be there.”

Ken Downing, Former Senior Vice President and fashion director for Neiman Marcus

“I will tell you in particular after getting back from Paris and meeting so most of the remarkable, young emerging competencies that had been on the LVMH prize, it is without a doubt all approximately upcycling and the concept of taking unusual fashion, both from any other decade or while lately as repurposing fabrics and thoughts that were garments at over again and giving them another lifestyles. Every younger expertise I had met on the LVMH prize had their version of their upcycling rather than starting from scratch. Finding high-quality pieces from the past through a month ago, a year in the history, or 50 years ago and respiration new lifestyles into it and making it top notch cool…I also love the concept of taking the craft that got here from human fingers and giving it extra life because it should not merely depart.
Danielle Bernstein, Influencer and founder of WeWoreWhat

“I think that it is evolving and it is always changing, and so I want to live ahead of the curve. But I think digital and social media is the manner of the future. Everything is so instantaneous, so it’s approximately preserving up and creating new content all of the time. That’s the sport.”

Erin Shea, IMG Models
“It’s tough to inform, but I would like it to be a huge emphasis on sustainable fashion. The way that I honestly desire it goes is into regenerative fashion. So, in place of simply saying ‘how are we able to maintain what we’re already doing,’ if we may want to get to a degree where what we’re doing in style is leaving the world a better vicinity than when we commenced and regenerating the whole lot.”

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